Method 1 of norovirus infection

Are you, or have to be careful of norovirus infection from the usual?
Please note that if you develop even one in the family, then, norovirus is the possibility that the virus moves to others in the secondary infection is high.
Infectivity is strong, such that the mean is different from the common cold is contagious.
Virus that can not be seen does not know where to adhere is that it is very scary, how the norovirus infected, I should be familiar with properly.
First, it is an oral infection.
Oral infection and is shaped as a virus that enter through the mouth.
Drinking, such as drinking water or eating food that had come with norovirus, had been contaminated, it is a way to infect as food poisoning.
And clams, oysters, etc., you may have a virus, especially after eating it may cause food poisoning.
Although many people think, "It must be a peace of raw oysters", if the fire does not go well, I am in many cases still infected shellfish.
Virus infection of the case is attached, such as oysters and shellfish, to produce the original, was often seen in the previous case.
However, in recent years, it has been an increasing number of cases that secondary infection by treating the ingredients by hand staff with facilities and eateries have been infected or cooking, or catering, contaminated.
That in the restaurant industry is thriving so much, it is due to the onset of these cases is very unfortunate, but it is not only noticed them on the side of this shop.
Because we do not have to eat only what credit is issued.

Norovirus Part 5

Or, infectious gastroenteritis, norovirus, which causes food poisoning to develop, these include, but are those that occur throughout the year, which is caused by norovirus during the winter.
Food poisoning is a warm season, is the time since the onset of norovirus cold, but it is opposed.
Once, the growth in food, other bacteria that cause food poisoning can cause food poisoning.
However, it is not necessary to norovirus are grown, just a little, I just attached food poisoning.
And the norovirus that enters the body, the more in the intestines of humans.
As you know everyone, vomiting, diarrhea, and then, as the symptoms are stomachache.
And then there are also many people who only comes out cold-like symptoms, diarrhea followed by adults, is often the case that children vomiting.
many cases, the heat does not become too high heat, it is about a low-grade fever followed.

And from infected with norovirus, until symptoms appear, so-called, and the incubation period is about a day or two, it is characterized by very short.
Although some people died in the norovirus, in that case, there is no basic physical and infants in the first place, it would be the case, such as the elderly.
Plus in many cases of the virus infection, complications may appear, in the case of such a person, or in some cases the symptoms are prolonged, death or worse.
If you do not come out even complications, period vomiting, and diarrhea persists, but seems to subside any symptoms in a short period of time, during this time, more and more water from the body are deprived in particular.
So, it is important hydration so prone to dehydration.

Norovirus Part 4

If a norovirus infection has gone out to the family, should be enough to pay attention to his physical condition would be good.
For example, the symptoms came to my even lighter ones, because is there a good chance of being infected with the virus, it is to be careful using such masks when they go out, so as not transferred the virus to others.
Well, this norovirus, came to be widely known even now, I do not have a disease has been known for a long time.
In the new virus was discovered in just about 40 years ago, comparatively, was something that developed originally in Ohio in the United States.
At the small town, called Norwalk, there was a case of primary school students were infected population.
Virus that has been found there, but it seems to have what was the underlying current of norovirus.
The virus, I was been named the Norwalk virus takes the name of the town.
Since then, whenever a virus is found similar, but about how to call a very, I had been called "Norwalk-like viruses."
And it's been determined as "norovirus" as the official name in 2002.
So, this is called norovirus came out is the fact that just 10 years ago.
Yet, because the name is also known in Japan only this, there is very much influence, I think it's very scary virus.
Throughout the year, rather than what has been developed, norovirus, because the onset of the cold season only, many of the patients we have developed from November to March.

Norovirus Part 3

Respectively, can also cause complications you, if the facility of the elderly, to him norovirus outbreaks, it could also result in the lives of many people.
Also, since it does not and influenza, measles, rubella like that immunity can be once, when it may be infected with norovirus many times.
It is because there is the same thing that all of norovirus.
There are several types to the virus, there seems to be a different type of norovirus infection in the next Also, once people became ill.
Since there is no case or you do not take it the second time it is immune symptoms, such as light, can not be so careless sometimes the same people have been infected several times.

If an adult person is infected, in some cases as infants and the elderly, symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea that norovirus is not.
For example, in some cases because the coughing and sneezing just comes out, of course, is not not think myself that it is norovirus.
If you think if you had symptoms like this, "Do I have a cold" is the most I have, will not some people never suspected norovirus.
But at that time I will have a norovirus that have already put the body in a cough or sneeze without knowing it.
This is a symptom of much, because there is no subjective symptoms himself, So be careful and not think about the infection, it is also the case that by such a person, the virus is spread.

Norovirus Part 2

I think in your another elderly, it is also important that you either are conducted properly to prevent norovirus gargle, hand-washing, I'll always check family.
So, in the first place, this is norovirus, Where do you come from?
It is said to be caused by a norovirus vomiting, and diarrhea, and was developed by eating shellfish, such as mussels and oysters two to begin with.
To say that I see, but that is not all, people who are infected with norovirus that was eating shellfish.
Even from shellfish such, then, and in the facility, in the home, and from person to person, the first infection, the infection is from one to the next.
Here is not it horrible features of norovirus.
It is in many cases one person someone becomes norovirus at home, the whole family becomes infected, and there are facilities for the elderly, such as schools and some cases many people will develop at a time.
As you know, because it is what the virus is invisible, I do not know that you are attached, as well not have expected from where and how the infection, but it is very scary.

If you do not have a firm prevention, become infected yourself while you do not know, when I noticed vomiting, it would make for a state that does not stop the diarrhea.
Norovirus have been reported only this, you can force the infection is very strong, and the like.
Strong force for infection, such as facilities, there are many cases that outbreak, resistance is weak babies, infants, the elderly are more susceptible to the onset, be especially careful.

Norovirus Part 1

Do you, do you know something called norovirus?
I think the fact that it is time to cold, covered many news and newspapers, and has also increased the person who knows.
Even watching the TV news, or the infected population at the facility, the elderly or died, but it is often news of norovirus.
In addition, for the housewife and magazines, there is also a page that formed a feature to prevent norovirus.
And, at schools, so the children are informed about the norovirus, it would be to have focused on infection prevention at school.
The time of the health and physical education, seems to have been provided the time to learn about the prevention of norovirus infection.
There is also in the best location, the school was still prone to infection then the school would be particularly serious if the infection from spreading, and infected children, I think you're focusing on the more measures.
Or infected with norovirus, whether winter is because it is a game, but it is something the whole family without infection somehow want to get through the winter in good spirits.
And the elderly are particularly, so some people become weak for resistance, they died in the norovirus, but it is also often hear the news of death, such as news.
So, instead of just regarded as infectious diseases, it is and it turns out that the elderly and families with young children, if not pay attention to infection prevention, especially life-threatening.
Such as hand washing and gargling for the prevention of polite, families with grandpa and grandma, it is important to explain properly to the elderly.