Part 6 norovirus and shellfish

When the virus has become a problem, while the only oyster is turned villain, norovirus epidemic seems to have been avoided even eating oysters.
But it is something that in fact, also the preferences of our human way of eating, that there is a problem.
Then, it is often those who are thinking, "norovirus will die frozen" and.
I think people are misunderstanding, such as shellfish, those that are imported in frozen and it's okay, and come.
Actually, norovirus love the law temperature, so it is cold, they will live longer and longer.
For several years, at minus 20 degrees, the virus that you are alive and say specifically.
And minus 80 degrees, but I have very much alive for decades.
When it is that you unzipped, protein in the virus will be destroyed, that weakens the force of infection.
But since this is such a force that can no longer be repeated freezing, thawing, and frozen is not it about once worried.
Again, I want to eat from the sterilization heating firmly frozen shellfish.
And even at a temperature of about 4 degrees, cold place like that norovirus is a virus that can survive about two months.
I have said that when the temperature is low, because the longer survival, and is a normal room temperature, and die in about 10 days.
By the way, it is said that time is less than or equal to the temperature of the water is 10 degrees, food poisoning from the oysters will increase.
The increase in norovirus infection is the cold season, it is that because there is such a reason.

Five norovirus and shellfish

To fetch the scallops, cooked in advance, scallops other parts have been removed.
And in sushi and sashimi, because we have gotten only delicious scallops, of course, does not contain the internal organs of scallops that have been contaminated there.
So it's not that raw scallops infected due to norovirus.
However, food poisoning does not mean that I do not happen to absolute scallops.
For example, if after the time of cooking, such as the internal organs of the scallops were removed, washed with water is not sufficient, there will be some cases the virus attached to the scallop.
Moreover, if your hands are touching the food that people cook is contaminated, such as oysters, dealing with scallops, if the cookware has been contaminated, you may be infected in scallop adductor.
However, because they are infected by carelessness, originally a part of scallop adductor muscle is eaten raw with confidence.
And common clam, clam, and the clam, but it is not much chance to eat raw clams.
The baked clams, clam, clam, so put in miso soup, etc., there is little opportunity in the saline.
So, the story that were infected with norovirus from these clams are not not hear much.
I'm supposed to be from such things, and speaking of norovirus food poisoning, that the famous oyster.
As described on, besides oysters, but probably there are a lot of shellfish that may have been contaminated, because there are a lot of opportunities to oysters eaten in raw per viscera, it is being said the cause of the contamination .

Part 4 norovirus and shellfish

I think I feel while the norovirus is prevalent, people who eat raw, such as sushi, and not decreasing at all and I am not the only one.
First of all, Japanese sushi is a race I love, and now cheaper to eat sushi sushi has increased, the popularity of sushi is only increasing.
Speaking of sushi, raw shellfish variety comes out as fodder.
Among them, I think, the raw scallop It is sweet and very tasty, pretty, scallop sushi and you also have the opportunity to enjoy.
And I think there are many people who are anxious, speaking of scallops, but it is one of the bivalve may have norovirus.
Moreover, I think even during the winter, as usual, I have been out live much in the sushi bar, and many people are served.
Have you there, everyone was anxious, "scallops? Is it all right," and?

In fact, to say bivalve is being contaminated with the virus, according to which part of the shellfish you eat, it's become a crossroads whether to infection.
Norovirus, which are stored in oysters contaminated Indeed, where it is stored only visceral.
If the oysters, because we often eat whole, of course, I have also included the viscera in it, the viscera that virus is being condensed unfortunately.
And say if the scallops, where we are and what to eat, there are whole, some cases eat baked in shell, in the case of sashimi and sushi, the part you eat, but it is part of the adductor muscle.

Part 3 norovirus and shellfish

Among the many shellfish, to shellfish that feed on plankton as oysters, are swallowing seawater is stored for norovirus.
So, if you're looking shellfish that are eaten as food for other things, it would be low confidence could have been contaminated with the virus.
One which is well known as clams, snails and speaking often appears in our table, and clams, clam, then, it is such ark shell.
is known as the shell to which they are likely to be the cause of the food poisoning.
Such as abalone and turban shell, because shellfish in the shell is famous, mainly because I eat seaweed, it will not be sucked into the water body.
So, it can be said that has been contaminated with norovirus turban shell, abalone is extremely small.

If you do not understand this right, at the outbreak of norovirus, I would have a mistaken idea of ​​all shellfish is dangerous.
Then, people who eat shellfish by reducing consumption plummet, reputational damage that it is also out shellfish would have nothing to do with norovirus.
I think because I get a lot of delicious shellfish, rather than avoiding them in the wrong knowledge, in Japan and I want to have the right knowledge everyone.

I do not really accumulate said that eating raw shellfish in particular, but it is very tasty, with a sweet and fresh shellfish.
But so too, but it is there are many people who prefer to eat raw shellfish Japanese, right? Biological race favorite.
But, in the winter, while the norovirus is prevalent, it is more that it might be wise to refrain as much as possible.

Part 2 of norovirus and shellfish

The oyster is a shellfish that can be absorbed by the virus, such as found in the seawater, the bad ones, filtered and accumulate in the bodies of their own.
So, it is said that if oyster grow in a place where the sea has been polluted, and the water is clean.
Oysters, have been told to hosts like norovirus, in places where environmental pollution have proceeded, these bivalves such as oysters existence is actually very important.

Oyster is swallowed along with the large amount of sea water plankton, then, since the discharge of seawater, but should I also be discharged virus in that case, the structure of the shell, squid does not seem so.
I think I have seen a live clams and clam everyone, and have seen the moment you put a lot of water.
I will be hoarding the virus in the body because it already, that minute, when that is, water that has been cleaned.
Why, shellfish or it become the source of infection has been described and for the flow of the river earlier, the sewage, of course, a good place for shellfish grow is where there are a lot of plankton which is food.
If so, that downstream near the river that are suitable, these places are often has become a place of shellfish farming.
Based on a lot of things seem also, why norovirus, or have entered the shell, if you know why, oysters instead of bad, bad man.
So, is a non-oyster shell, Why is not there that you have accumulated in the virus as oyster?

Part 1 norovirus and shellfish

Speaking of things that cause the norovirus, what you think of what kind of ingredients?
I think many people the image of the "oyster" first and foremost.
Sometimes, I hear on the news coverage of food poisoning, and raw oysters many cases that were infected with the virus in the cause for sure.
However, rather than confined to oysters, in the case of bivalve, or eaten raw, or when heating is not enough, there is a possibility that it is caused by infection with noroviruses.

Such as clams and oysters from, whether they are infected with the norovirus us, why, have you ever thought about you?
So, in the first place, why do you have a norovirus such as oysters?
In fact, that we, human beings are making the cause of the first place that I like.
The first route cause or whatever, a person infected with norovirus, symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea will be reported, it is supplied to the toilet is flushed into the sewage treatment plant in the end.
And, in the sewage treatment plant, so you can not remove all the viruses contained in the vomit or diarrhea, a slight virus we will flow into the sea or river.
Then, clams and oysters are eating plankton as food, in that case, I would breath in a large amount of water as well.
Virus remains, day by day, it is concentrated, and internal organs of oysters, accumulate.
Or eating raw shellfish that has been contaminated with norovirus, heating or if not enough, man is thus being contaminated.

Part 6 of norovirus disinfection

If the toilet is on the first floor, and located on the second floor in your home, such as, if there is more than one, you are a good idea to decide that the patient uses for norovirus dedicated one.
But is not it difficult to bath.
Although there are among us, there are two bath two-family if you were, it would be difficult at your house of the ordinary.
So, the bathing of an infected person, you'll be able to prefer to avoid until the cure is to prevent the infection of the family.
After bathing, bathing when unavoidable, disinfection wash tubs and around soon.
In this case, sodium hypochlorite 200ppm would be good.
Alone with a shower, carefully cleaning the same way, disinfection is carried out.

Useful antiseptic solution has been introduced, because it is often dangerous and mix, and let us not to use in conjunction with other drugs.
Also, since you have put in plastic bottles, such as infants do not put water in the mouth by mistake, we will pay attention to the storage location.
When you say "antiseptic solution" big plastic bottle, the elderly and other people I do not drink mistaken.
Month, but if you have a sturdy cap, then weakened because bactericidal effect against norovirus, disinfectant made, please also re-create a new, one month after.
Then, these sodium hypochlorite, a strong stimulus to the skin, and can be used with bare hands, directly, please be careful not to touch the hand.
I think to be a daily norovirus patient to heal, these processes will continue, or into the mouth, liquid disinfectant, so that you do not entered the eye during the process, please be careful when handling.

Part 5 of norovirus disinfection

Cookware used in the handling of bivalves, such as the sink, flush with running water for about three times.
Then, also, from the detergent wash, I rinse with running water.
In addition, or in hot water disinfection, antiseptic solution of 200ppm, every attempt to put more than 10 minutes to sodium hypochlorite.
In this way, the best, to kill norovirus, hot water disinfection is a sure way.
And it is something that rinse with running water.
Also, in addition to heating, to wash, and a combination of antiseptic solution, it would be peace of mind.
Haiter commercially available foam kitchen is so easy as it is by the way may be subjected to cookware.
And, tableware patients norovirus was used, because it requires disinfection, it is ideal if you can, such as paper plates and disposable.
Just finished eating, when you use a normal, we're trying to get up immersed in sodium hypochlorite solution 200ppm.
After then, the family had finished washing the dishes, the best, I shed at the end.
If there is to be processed at a high temperature dryer, use it, let's kill norovirus.
If you do not have a dryer, I would be a good idea through a hot water scald.
Then, use the more than 70 percent ethanol, etc., wipe about three times, when the patient was in the living room of norovirus, perform disinfection.
The hot iron, such as bed sheets and will also be disinfected in the floor and a steam.
I am over 90 degrees is ideal.
Norovirus patient and family would come to, you will also need to be devised to limited locations as much as possible the use of co-location.

Part 4 disinfection of norovirus

If you are dealing with dirty clothes norovirus patients, only in that we can out of the exhaust of the dryer, use the dryer.
To direct, do not touch, such as vomit, when the treatment will be and disposable rubber gloves.

Norovirus, because it contains a significant amount of dirt in the vomiting and diarrhea, disinfection of these at home is also important in order not to spread the infection.
Every year, since it may be required to be addressed in such a cold season, and how to make the disinfectant solution, the method of disinfection is better to remember that it is good.
Then, the processing of such contaminants, adults who have the power to carry out the resistance.
Easy to be infected, the elderly and small children, so many cases in which severe infected, Please do not participate in such treatment.
Also, from where you are working, infants and the elderly, I want to be at a distance.

And, speaking of disinfection of norovirus, also, I need to kill the virus ingredients, some of this you should also process such as heating appliances used for cooking.
Such as clams, which is considered the cause of the norovirus, received from the heating firm.
The center of shell, 85 degrees or more, it is said that as a basis, the temperature of the heating time is more than one minute.
In the case of food without eating fresh vegetables and fruits, the heat treatment may be norovirus is attached in a path which has been already distributed.
The food you eat without heating, will prevent infection by a wash with running water tight anyway.

Part 3 disinfection of norovirus

Sometimes I may norovirus is transferred to others simply by ordinary washing, they adhere to their virus while being addressed.
Clothing, fabric, and bedding is that every time the virus has been washed, so as not to scatter to the ambient, in the water, wash watching if you add detergent is basic.
It will not be without water spray wash gently so as to prevent, as well as the spray, let's not inhale by mouth.
Anyway, we shall be in the restroom washing quietly so as not to scatter the norovirus.
Pre-treatment is done, just in case, you can use the disinfectant 200ppm, and surrounding that location would keep the cleaning.
I then it's a good idea to clean your cleaner further.
Because there is if you still have norovirus in a place treated, and be careful, I do firmly and then hand-washing.

For more than one minute, which is finished washing under firmly, I will do the washing in hot water of 85 degrees.
If you can not use hot water, disinfectant solution was prepared earlier, plays an active part in the PET bottle.
Was diluted 5-fold, with sodium hypochlorite 200ppm, attempt to disinfect firmly.
When you have finished washing, I rinse thoroughly with running water.
After this, it is also good adobe heaven, so it is recommended to kill norovirus and actually use dried at high temperatures, the drier.
However, it must be careful at this time, I'm of the dryer exhaust.
When exhausted into the room, is no good because there is a possibility that the virus is spread in the room.

Part 2 of norovirus disinfection

And 5-fold diluted disinfectant 1000ppm that had been made, because it is a finished product of the disinfectant solution of about 200ppm easy, remember, I will take advantage of.
Also referred to as sodium hypochlorite, is hard to know the name, as well as Haiter, so is generally Kabi-Killer.
Then, Domesuto of detergent and cleaning, as well as Milton is a baby's bottle disinfectant is sodium hypochlorite.
So, I'll keep in mind if you have these products, so you can substitute any.
We comes in very handy as a commercial antiseptic solution, as well as cookware, I can be widely used in the prevention of norovirus infection, ready-to-use, such as foam Haiter kitchen, so you can use directly without entering any dilution.

Well, antiseptic solution made thus helps to disinfect vomit what has gone attached.
Typical symptoms include norovirus, vomiting may be mentioned, when you vomit, there are cases where small children are not in time to the bathroom in particular.
Also, I think sometimes suddenly, such as vomiting and are in the living room.
Adults would go by yourself to the bathroom indeed, the case, such as infants, since it is vomiting does not matter where, it would be in many cases to adhere to the dress, to adhere to the futon, or stain the carpet .
In order to remove the virus and prevent secondary infection, for what I have attached these, we disinfect with a solution of sodium hypochlorite this.
Not just vomit, as well as underwear that had been contaminated with feces, etc., must be disinfected in the same way.

Part 1 disinfection of norovirus

Everyone, Do you have the right knowledge about the disinfection of norovirus.
Every day, as been told in the news, from the strength of its infection, norovirus is raging in the winter.
In and facilities the school, and has been done and how to address disinfection method is wrong, because it may cause an outbreak of norovirus, a person with a group living should take care more about the anti-virus award.
Also, the staff and his friends to engage in such a facility, and you do not disinfect the virus in the right way, it can also cause secondary infections.
In common virus, norovirus is because it seems to have a particularly resistant to disinfection, who was carried out carefully than normal anti-virus it is a good idea.
First, we will introduce how to use the sodium hypochlorite are sold in general, to disinfect the virus.
Such disinfection of bacteria, but there is an image that carried out in ethanol, so enough to use in the household, such as Haiter, please try to take advantage of.
Typically, sodium hypochlorite in such Haiter bactericidal effect, the concentration is about 5% and.
When used as a disinfectant solution diluted with your home, it would be convenient to use a 500 ml PET bottle.
If you put on the lid of the plastic bottle, such as a stock solution Haiter, because it becomes about 5 ml, put two cups stock solution to cover the rest, I put the water.
By doing this, you can easily liquid sodium hypochlorite for disinfection of about 1000ppm.

Part 3 features of norovirus

Norovirus is also cited as a major feature that, for disinfectants, resistance is strong.
If you were pathogens such as viruses, is prone to overconfidence and fine if you have disinfection, by a virus, the virus is also present that are resistant to the disinfectant solution.
Huh this is a surprise.
It is also a feature of norovirus, because there is no membrane of the host cell, alcohol, and high temperature, resistance to disinfection is strong.
It may be destroyed by the ethanol, which is in a double membrane, the cell membrane is not there norovirus.
So, it is not to say that peace of mind and if it is disinfected, you are doing more than one is also important, with a combination of measures.
And there is also resistant to drying and acid, long time, because the virus can survive in water, I am very difficult to fight off anyway.
Is not it also convinced that the force is strong infection, because there is also a variety resistant to disinfection, but all the rage.
Infectivity and say how strong or even small pieces of virus only 10, so there seems to be a case of developing, it comes to risk even a small amount of the virus.
In addition, as a feature of the growth of norovirus, grows only in the human intestinal tract.
And, as a feature of norovirus, because there is a different form of a gene, may be once, even in people infected with norovirus infected in the past, it is not.
Also, since it can be infected with noroviruses of various types at the same time, I would say that this is also a feature.

Part 2 of norovirus feature

Day and night, has evolved genetic analysis of the virus technology.
From the sample it is called "law PCR", pathogens isolated genes to determine the sequence of the gene is now available.
This will be identified norovirus.
Then, in 2002, the International Society for Virology 12th, the name currently being used, and decided he was norovirus.
In addition, Sapporo-like virus, the name has been defined as "support" virus.
Virus which had been called how vague "virus like blah" until 2002 this is identified, the names is not was decided.

Norovirus infection of the wide range of ages, from infants to the elderly, to develop a broad age groups.
When this virus enters the body, causing acute gastroenteritis.
Of one year, has been prevalent in the cold season from November to March in particular, seems to have an onset is even another period.
It is often characterized, cause acute gastroenteritis, as well as diarrhea, repeated vomiting.
If you were only symptoms of diarrhea, stool contaminated with the virus is shed in the toilet, it is hard to be a secondary infection.
But, in the case of vomiting, as long as you have the proper treatment to prevent infection with the virus, not disinfected, it will still have the virus as well, such as the floor of the toilet.
, And the person who has the virus soar in the air, I would be infected is increasing.
So, rather than do something strictly hand washing, and be careful just before a meal, it is also characteristic of norovirus infection from a virus that these scattering.

Part 1 Characteristics of norovirus

I think you are more disease-resistant?
Today, we found a decade before I did not like, is a new disease.
For example, a long time ago is a disease that has not been known even the name as well as hay fever.
And very often, we would now be norovirus, attention is being paid very, some people did not know is that before the name a little.
Since I began to grow cold, every day, that norovirus outbreaks during the winter, the damage that is being transmitted as well, such as news.
During the pandemic, especially people with small children, I think their kids do not get infected, and so I'm worried about.
Viral diseases, but there are many other, this norovirus is known by its power to infect from person to person is very strong.
In addition, although the news on television you know everyone, and facilities in the elderly, there is also the worst case of infection in the population, such as the death of any person is human.
So, we should be careful not only small children, elderly people have also, enough, you will have to be careful about norovirus measures some people working at the facility for the elderly.

So, I would have this norovirus, what features?
Can be traced back, in 1972, this virus is a form of the virus revealed by electron microscopy observation.
From the name of the town that has occurred, the first was called "small round virus" or "Norwalk virus".
In addition, sometimes referred to as "SRSV" for short.

Part 3 of norovirus treatment

Is often not just a cold, even though the viral infection, seen as a kind of cold.
Go out much heat, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea come out so it looks like a couple of days, you may wind up being put away in the "cold" if mild symptoms.
However, if symptoms are pretty bad and I should go to the hospital.
Because there is often in exhaustion and dehydration, small children and the elderly are at risk of life, we shall be consulted as soon as possible.

Since there are no effective drugs even went to the hospital, there are also many people who use the state while the treatment at home.
If mild symptoms also seemed to be an adult with physical strength, you may also be placed in alternative medicine in the commercial, is absent.
For example, if you're looking over-the-counter drugs, such as it is famous as Seirogan stomach medicine for a long time.
Was much always have a stock at home, I have a child, but it is very drugs that are known in the stomach medicine, there is also a history.
In addition, since the new drugs also appear that Seirogan sugarcoating, the smell of old-fashioned Seirogan those who hate it, try also.
The characteristics of Seirogan, she'll return to normal movement of the bowel, as it will also adjust the amount of water is effective diarrhea and dehydration.
Because it is not diarrhea, because it will not be like you have a virus reservoir in the intestinal tract, you can be taken safely in norovirus.
Because some people will go to the hospital that is hard to impossible, it is a good idea that you take nutrition and moisture tight, rest at home until no symptoms of norovirus.

Part 2 of norovirus treatment

Because there is no medicine for defeat, there is not the only way to relieve the symptoms now.
Nausea is sometimes prescribed for things like stomach medicine.
Stomach medicine that can be used even if you do not consume food prescription will be able to take, even when there is no appetite is possible.
It is anti-nausea medicine, because some strong side effects to make you sleepy, how to work at work and machinery operation, please consult your doctor.

Infants, for the elderly, because they are more likely to cause diarrhea and vomiting dehydration, I make a hydration is very important.
In addition, since no longer have strength, I must do a nutrition.
And if you have proceeded dehydration, you will also need to deal with, such as drip.
To improve the symptoms of dehydration at home, sports drink is recommended.
Diarrhea, vomiting, and a potassium salt is because it has come out from the body, sports drink for electrolyte intake is a good idea.
Because as soon as you drink large amounts of vomiting, I It is also important to little by little, I'll send it to the stomach and gradually be included in the mouth.
And this is one of the treatments for norovirus also be employed to stop diarrhea, do not use anti-diarrhea medicine.
And stops diarrhea, because you are the virus stays in the body, treatment of diarrhea is not done, I leave as it is.
Stance that only come out in the issue, there is no choice but to put up with until all shed virus diarrhea.
Norovirus, sometimes they are dismissed as "stomach flu" at the same time.

Part 1 of norovirus treatment

If it takes the norovirus, attacked by severe diarrhea and vomiting, food you can no longer seems quite intake.
I eat anything back, so they immediately have diarrhea, would have been deprived of moisture from the body at all times.
There is a short period of time, a few days, I am quite many people, they can not be skinny by eating.
You might get in some people happy I also reduced body weight, and then try retracted belly, "and became a good diet", I do not even lose weight morbidly fascinating.
Stomach at the same time as rededing, I would no longer have many cases that chest.
There are some people who think positively in the body becomes detox diarrhea continues, physical fitness is really lost diarrhea, vomiting continues, they limp by yourself.
And is not it also mentally tough family to take care of paying careful attention to the infection.
Moreover, it turns out that we will not be the case because there are people who become infected with the whole family, to take care, laid up with everyone.

Well, it is the talk of norovirus infection force this strong, if infected, what's going on How is treatment.
There are currently no drugs that defeat the norovirus.
This is normal and virus, but there is something kind of anti-viral agents, there are no cases of norovirus.
Flu also, but there is a neat drug, it is not present in the norovirus.
It would be disappointed people infected person knew of this fact.

Continued diagnosis of norovirus

Although the cost of the detection of norovirus, it is a status quo several thousand yen, and they took the test even simple insurance does not apply.
And closer inspection, it takes tens of thousands of yen, is a test that I did not have to take to feel free, you do not want to check to pay such costs if you do not have.
So, even if there are symptoms of norovirus, the hospital is also the case that few bother to inspect, diagnose.
It will be called "probably norovirus" as viewed from the symptoms, I respond that is common.
You are like many people feel a doubt that when I went to the hospital, etc. Unlike influenza, not us to properly test for diagnosis.
But when will be diagnosed with norovirus exactly, and would not be diagnosed, the method of treatment for status quo because it is together, I do not have much people to a thorough examination.

Administrative work, and those who are working in the hospital, and staff of facilities for the elderly people to cook, the meals, the viral infection has become a very important issue.
It is that sometimes have been reported in the TV news, in some cases can have an infection in such facilities, it has become infected population.
So, unlike our patients in general, or are infected with a virus, or not there, the staff who work in these facilities will need to be inspected.
Because it is also the case that this test has not been properly, to those who are in the facility from cooking professionals, become infected population, must be especially careful.

Diagnosis of norovirus

During the winter months, but norovirus is waving its fury, have you ever infected you?
Also, is there are families that have been infected?
Especially your child vomiting, repeated diarrhea, but it is really poor would no longer seem to eat anything.
Also, if you develop as a group at school or kindergarten, it can sometimes be a closed class, as well as influenza, I'm sick enough to want to be careful in the winter.
And, in the worst case, in the case of the elderly, since in some cases the symptoms become more and more evil, death, rather than just infection, norovirus It is a dreadful disease.
In general, as a symptom, they have diarrhea or vomiting in winter, norovirus infection is suspected.
But even if there is vomiting and diarrhea, whether you are infected with norovirus, or not there, I can not even look at only specific symptoms, I can not even diagnose.
To diagnose whether norovirus, we will do the test by using a patient's stool or vomit.
And I can not pathogenic viruses such, so small, find in an ordinary microscope.
Sometimes, nor you have to use an electron microscope, such as seen in the TV news, find out from the virus grown crow round and thin case.
Then, by using the enzyme, the reaction of the virus, as a diagnostic method, there is also a screening test to determine.
Although this is a quick way, in order to determine as it requires a large amount of virus, it is a way that can not be used if you can not be ingested only a small amount of virus from such flights.

Part 5 of norovirus infection method

During the process such as vomit in the toilet, so that the virus is flying soar, meanwhile, avoid using the toilet.
And cleaning up of vomit and diarrhea, processing, cleaning is that it does not make for the elderly.
Adults with resistance will be done.
Once you have left as a toilet, because the infection rapidly expanding, I have found to clean immediately.
to the mask, who performed, but the gloves, I will use the disposable ones.
Rag and sheets, how to clean, please wipe the toilet firmly.
After they are wiped off, then you do not throw away in the trash as it is, at once, such as tied with plastic and sealed, I want to be thrown away.
Even while you are cleaning wipe, because norovirus flying, I do not want to be close to the toilet, except the person who handles.
Then, use a disinfectant such as chlorine diluted, we disinfect the toilet and to spread the floor, walls, etc..
An infection of norovirus toilet is used, disinfection is required each time.
If there are two toilets within us, it is desirable to make such use me use only one or the other, a toilet and a different family.

I think that you can adhere to the clothes your child is vomiting, and dirty underwear or have diarrhea, it is necessary to properly handle these as well.
First, clothing is that after you wash, disinfect with chlorine bleach.
And where you wash your clothes and you should disinfect also be carried out in it in the washing machine.
It is considered as the cause of an outbreak, it is to wash in the water joint more than one person uses the clothing like this.
Who are you going to restroom secondary infection there, after this.

Part 4 of norovirus infection method

We seem not to bring Norovirus in such as schools, children, and want to prevent the infection firm to perform gargle, wash your hands well, especially at home.
It is not something that should be a hand washing is recommended is "strict hand washing."
Also, rather than just hand washing soap, it would be also effective combination of the disinfectant solution.

Then, if the infected person has gone out, I must do a proper handling of vomit.
If a family is the process of vomiting and diarrhea, and it is not performed correctly, the whole family will become infected with noroviruses in secondary infection.
And that was vomiting, and diarrhea, a large number of norovirus contains terrifying.
If only a few viruses invade the body, so as to develop, sufficient processing toilet, cleaning, please be careful.
So, I think because it introduces how to handle it, with the correct treatment, and want to prevent infection.
First of all, I should think even if the disease has not been diagnosed, if you have diarrhea or vomit, period norovirus is prevalent, it is something that is infected with norovirus.
Or if your child has gone back in the us, if you have diarrhea, if the virus is prevalent in winter, you should consider a process in another secondary infection.
You had better handling, etc. I do not think? "I wonder if I caught a cold" or "? Wonder how he broke the tummy" and "! Might be norovirus" First you're safe.
And, until the end of treatment, small children and the elderly, please be away.

Method 3 of norovirus infection

By incorrect handling of vomiting and diarrhea, schools and hospitals, or facilities for the elderly, the outbreak seems to have happened.
The characteristics of norovirus, patients develop an infection even if the first oral, then, is that the contact infection spread rapidly, with splashes infection.
If the force and momentum that infection, because people have increased to develop an infection came out I do not have to deal neatly around.

Again, let's stop the infection, it would be important is hand washing.
Although hand washing is recommended by the method of prevention of various diseases, hand washing is effective even norovirus.
For example, before the meal is of course, also, wash your hands well after using the toilet as well, as well as after before cooking, and the treatment of vomiting, please do not forget to wash your hands.
It is hand-washing by water, using soap, try to wash your hands tightly so that there is no washing leave.
Also, please note that after washing, the towel can be passed around the family is, because it may be infected with the virus of the disease.
Should be avoided in the towel during toilet, the whole family is like that wipe your hands.

For adults, children as well as vomiting infected, some people do not cause diarrhea.
And adults of such symptoms, you may notice that he does not have an infection, they transferred to the children.
After that, in some cases, would bring the virus and the child is attending kindergarten, school, to facilities that become infected population.

Method 2 of norovirus infection

When eating out, hand washing his even done, because you will not be able to be careful to be the people and bring in someone to cook, we are doing nicely just hand wash my own at least.
And, be careful in cooking at home, such as shellfish, will be heated sufficiently.
When the physical condition is not good, but it is said that old should not eat raw oysters and good and, in time of norovirus epidemic is also the hand that you do not eat raw shellfish.
Also, do not forget we also scald the plate also, knives cooked shellfish.

Then, by contact with an infected person, there are also many cases that they are contaminated.
This is what is often referred to as a contact infection.
Touched hands with norovirus, clothes, and things, their infection.
It does not mean that the infection just by touch, or inside of the mouth with a chance of something with the virus on your hands as a result, but I am no one from the nose or.
As described us, because norovirus is contagious virus is very strong, even if just a little bit of the virus enters the body, the symptoms he leaves infected immediately.
And there is also infected with the virus how to fly, it splashes infection.
I or infected patient that was vomiting, and diarrhea, the virus because it scattered and toilet, but it is inhaled into the body for some reason.
I think of children, such as vomiting, especially if the parent process, how to handle it is not correct, you going to infect me who put away.

Method 1 of norovirus infection

Are you, or have to be careful of norovirus infection from the usual?
Please note that if you develop even one in the family, then, norovirus is the possibility that the virus moves to others in the secondary infection is high.
Infectivity is strong, such that the mean is different from the common cold is contagious.
Virus that can not be seen does not know where to adhere is that it is very scary, how the norovirus infected, I should be familiar with properly.
First, it is an oral infection.
Oral infection and is shaped as a virus that enter through the mouth.
Drinking, such as drinking water or eating food that had come with norovirus, had been contaminated, it is a way to infect as food poisoning.
And clams, oysters, etc., you may have a virus, especially after eating it may cause food poisoning.
Although many people think, "It must be a peace of raw oysters", if the fire does not go well, I am in many cases still infected shellfish.
Virus infection of the case is attached, such as oysters and shellfish, to produce the original, was often seen in the previous case.
However, in recent years, it has been an increasing number of cases that secondary infection by treating the ingredients by hand staff with facilities and eateries have been infected or cooking, or catering, contaminated.
That in the restaurant industry is thriving so much, it is due to the onset of these cases is very unfortunate, but it is not only noticed them on the side of this shop.
Because we do not have to eat only what credit is issued.

Norovirus Part 5

Or, infectious gastroenteritis, norovirus, which causes food poisoning to develop, these include, but are those that occur throughout the year, which is caused by norovirus during the winter.
Food poisoning is a warm season, is the time since the onset of norovirus cold, but it is opposed.
Once, the growth in food, other bacteria that cause food poisoning can cause food poisoning.
However, it is not necessary to norovirus are grown, just a little, I just attached food poisoning.
And the norovirus that enters the body, the more in the intestines of humans.
As you know everyone, vomiting, diarrhea, and then, as the symptoms are stomachache.
And then there are also many people who only comes out cold-like symptoms, diarrhea followed by adults, is often the case that children vomiting.
many cases, the heat does not become too high heat, it is about a low-grade fever followed.

And from infected with norovirus, until symptoms appear, so-called, and the incubation period is about a day or two, it is characterized by very short.
Although some people died in the norovirus, in that case, there is no basic physical and infants in the first place, it would be the case, such as the elderly.
Plus in many cases of the virus infection, complications may appear, in the case of such a person, or in some cases the symptoms are prolonged, death or worse.
If you do not come out even complications, period vomiting, and diarrhea persists, but seems to subside any symptoms in a short period of time, during this time, more and more water from the body are deprived in particular.
So, it is important hydration so prone to dehydration.

Norovirus Part 4

If a norovirus infection has gone out to the family, should be enough to pay attention to his physical condition would be good.
For example, the symptoms came to my even lighter ones, because is there a good chance of being infected with the virus, it is to be careful using such masks when they go out, so as not transferred the virus to others.
Well, this norovirus, came to be widely known even now, I do not have a disease has been known for a long time.
In the new virus was discovered in just about 40 years ago, comparatively, was something that developed originally in Ohio in the United States.
At the small town, called Norwalk, there was a case of primary school students were infected population.
Virus that has been found there, but it seems to have what was the underlying current of norovirus.
The virus, I was been named the Norwalk virus takes the name of the town.
Since then, whenever a virus is found similar, but about how to call a very, I had been called "Norwalk-like viruses."
And it's been determined as "norovirus" as the official name in 2002.
So, this is called norovirus came out is the fact that just 10 years ago.
Yet, because the name is also known in Japan only this, there is very much influence, I think it's very scary virus.
Throughout the year, rather than what has been developed, norovirus, because the onset of the cold season only, many of the patients we have developed from November to March.

Norovirus Part 3

Respectively, can also cause complications you, if the facility of the elderly, to him norovirus outbreaks, it could also result in the lives of many people.
Also, since it does not and influenza, measles, rubella like that immunity can be once, when it may be infected with norovirus many times.
It is because there is the same thing that all of norovirus.
There are several types to the virus, there seems to be a different type of norovirus infection in the next Also, once people became ill.
Since there is no case or you do not take it the second time it is immune symptoms, such as light, can not be so careless sometimes the same people have been infected several times.

If an adult person is infected, in some cases as infants and the elderly, symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea that norovirus is not.
For example, in some cases because the coughing and sneezing just comes out, of course, is not not think myself that it is norovirus.
If you think if you had symptoms like this, "Do I have a cold" is the most I have, will not some people never suspected norovirus.
But at that time I will have a norovirus that have already put the body in a cough or sneeze without knowing it.
This is a symptom of much, because there is no subjective symptoms himself, So be careful and not think about the infection, it is also the case that by such a person, the virus is spread.

Norovirus Part 2

I think in your another elderly, it is also important that you either are conducted properly to prevent norovirus gargle, hand-washing, I'll always check family.
So, in the first place, this is norovirus, Where do you come from?
It is said to be caused by a norovirus vomiting, and diarrhea, and was developed by eating shellfish, such as mussels and oysters two to begin with.
To say that I see, but that is not all, people who are infected with norovirus that was eating shellfish.
Even from shellfish such, then, and in the facility, in the home, and from person to person, the first infection, the infection is from one to the next.
Here is not it horrible features of norovirus.
It is in many cases one person someone becomes norovirus at home, the whole family becomes infected, and there are facilities for the elderly, such as schools and some cases many people will develop at a time.
As you know, because it is what the virus is invisible, I do not know that you are attached, as well not have expected from where and how the infection, but it is very scary.

If you do not have a firm prevention, become infected yourself while you do not know, when I noticed vomiting, it would make for a state that does not stop the diarrhea.
Norovirus have been reported only this, you can force the infection is very strong, and the like.
Strong force for infection, such as facilities, there are many cases that outbreak, resistance is weak babies, infants, the elderly are more susceptible to the onset, be especially careful.

Norovirus Part 1

Do you, do you know something called norovirus?
I think the fact that it is time to cold, covered many news and newspapers, and has also increased the person who knows.
Even watching the TV news, or the infected population at the facility, the elderly or died, but it is often news of norovirus.
In addition, for the housewife and magazines, there is also a page that formed a feature to prevent norovirus.
And, at schools, so the children are informed about the norovirus, it would be to have focused on infection prevention at school.
The time of the health and physical education, seems to have been provided the time to learn about the prevention of norovirus infection.
There is also in the best location, the school was still prone to infection then the school would be particularly serious if the infection from spreading, and infected children, I think you're focusing on the more measures.
Or infected with norovirus, whether winter is because it is a game, but it is something the whole family without infection somehow want to get through the winter in good spirits.
And the elderly are particularly, so some people become weak for resistance, they died in the norovirus, but it is also often hear the news of death, such as news.
So, instead of just regarded as infectious diseases, it is and it turns out that the elderly and families with young children, if not pay attention to infection prevention, especially life-threatening.
Such as hand washing and gargling for the prevention of polite, families with grandpa and grandma, it is important to explain properly to the elderly.