Part 3 norovirus and shellfish

Among the many shellfish, to shellfish that feed on plankton as oysters, are swallowing seawater is stored for norovirus.
So, if you're looking shellfish that are eaten as food for other things, it would be low confidence could have been contaminated with the virus.
One which is well known as clams, snails and speaking often appears in our table, and clams, clam, then, it is such ark shell.
is known as the shell to which they are likely to be the cause of the food poisoning.
Such as abalone and turban shell, because shellfish in the shell is famous, mainly because I eat seaweed, it will not be sucked into the water body.
So, it can be said that has been contaminated with norovirus turban shell, abalone is extremely small.

If you do not understand this right, at the outbreak of norovirus, I would have a mistaken idea of ​​all shellfish is dangerous.
Then, people who eat shellfish by reducing consumption plummet, reputational damage that it is also out shellfish would have nothing to do with norovirus.
I think because I get a lot of delicious shellfish, rather than avoiding them in the wrong knowledge, in Japan and I want to have the right knowledge everyone.

I do not really accumulate said that eating raw shellfish in particular, but it is very tasty, with a sweet and fresh shellfish.
But so too, but it is there are many people who prefer to eat raw shellfish Japanese, right? Biological race favorite.
But, in the winter, while the norovirus is prevalent, it is more that it might be wise to refrain as much as possible.