Part 5 of norovirus infection method

During the process such as vomit in the toilet, so that the virus is flying soar, meanwhile, avoid using the toilet.
And cleaning up of vomit and diarrhea, processing, cleaning is that it does not make for the elderly.
Adults with resistance will be done.
Once you have left as a toilet, because the infection rapidly expanding, I have found to clean immediately.
to the mask, who performed, but the gloves, I will use the disposable ones.
Rag and sheets, how to clean, please wipe the toilet firmly.
After they are wiped off, then you do not throw away in the trash as it is, at once, such as tied with plastic and sealed, I want to be thrown away.
Even while you are cleaning wipe, because norovirus flying, I do not want to be close to the toilet, except the person who handles.
Then, use a disinfectant such as chlorine diluted, we disinfect the toilet and to spread the floor, walls, etc..
An infection of norovirus toilet is used, disinfection is required each time.
If there are two toilets within us, it is desirable to make such use me use only one or the other, a toilet and a different family.

I think that you can adhere to the clothes your child is vomiting, and dirty underwear or have diarrhea, it is necessary to properly handle these as well.
First, clothing is that after you wash, disinfect with chlorine bleach.
And where you wash your clothes and you should disinfect also be carried out in it in the washing machine.
It is considered as the cause of an outbreak, it is to wash in the water joint more than one person uses the clothing like this.
Who are you going to restroom secondary infection there, after this.