Part 2 of norovirus feature

Day and night, has evolved genetic analysis of the virus technology.
From the sample it is called "law PCR", pathogens isolated genes to determine the sequence of the gene is now available.
This will be identified norovirus.
Then, in 2002, the International Society for Virology 12th, the name currently being used, and decided he was norovirus.
In addition, Sapporo-like virus, the name has been defined as "support" virus.
Virus which had been called how vague "virus like blah" until 2002 this is identified, the names is not was decided.

Norovirus infection of the wide range of ages, from infants to the elderly, to develop a broad age groups.
When this virus enters the body, causing acute gastroenteritis.
Of one year, has been prevalent in the cold season from November to March in particular, seems to have an onset is even another period.
It is often characterized, cause acute gastroenteritis, as well as diarrhea, repeated vomiting.
If you were only symptoms of diarrhea, stool contaminated with the virus is shed in the toilet, it is hard to be a secondary infection.
But, in the case of vomiting, as long as you have the proper treatment to prevent infection with the virus, not disinfected, it will still have the virus as well, such as the floor of the toilet.
, And the person who has the virus soar in the air, I would be infected is increasing.
So, rather than do something strictly hand washing, and be careful just before a meal, it is also characteristic of norovirus infection from a virus that these scattering.