Part 6 norovirus and shellfish

When the virus has become a problem, while the only oyster is turned villain, norovirus epidemic seems to have been avoided even eating oysters.
But it is something that in fact, also the preferences of our human way of eating, that there is a problem.
Then, it is often those who are thinking, "norovirus will die frozen" and.
I think people are misunderstanding, such as shellfish, those that are imported in frozen and it's okay, and come.
Actually, norovirus love the law temperature, so it is cold, they will live longer and longer.
For several years, at minus 20 degrees, the virus that you are alive and say specifically.
And minus 80 degrees, but I have very much alive for decades.
When it is that you unzipped, protein in the virus will be destroyed, that weakens the force of infection.
But since this is such a force that can no longer be repeated freezing, thawing, and frozen is not it about once worried.
Again, I want to eat from the sterilization heating firmly frozen shellfish.
And even at a temperature of about 4 degrees, cold place like that norovirus is a virus that can survive about two months.
I have said that when the temperature is low, because the longer survival, and is a normal room temperature, and die in about 10 days.
By the way, it is said that time is less than or equal to the temperature of the water is 10 degrees, food poisoning from the oysters will increase.
The increase in norovirus infection is the cold season, it is that because there is such a reason.