Five norovirus and shellfish

To fetch the scallops, cooked in advance, scallops other parts have been removed.
And in sushi and sashimi, because we have gotten only delicious scallops, of course, does not contain the internal organs of scallops that have been contaminated there.
So it's not that raw scallops infected due to norovirus.
However, food poisoning does not mean that I do not happen to absolute scallops.
For example, if after the time of cooking, such as the internal organs of the scallops were removed, washed with water is not sufficient, there will be some cases the virus attached to the scallop.
Moreover, if your hands are touching the food that people cook is contaminated, such as oysters, dealing with scallops, if the cookware has been contaminated, you may be infected in scallop adductor.
However, because they are infected by carelessness, originally a part of scallop adductor muscle is eaten raw with confidence.
And common clam, clam, and the clam, but it is not much chance to eat raw clams.
The baked clams, clam, clam, so put in miso soup, etc., there is little opportunity in the saline.
So, the story that were infected with norovirus from these clams are not not hear much.
I'm supposed to be from such things, and speaking of norovirus food poisoning, that the famous oyster.
As described on, besides oysters, but probably there are a lot of shellfish that may have been contaminated, because there are a lot of opportunities to oysters eaten in raw per viscera, it is being said the cause of the contamination .