Method 2 of norovirus infection

When eating out, hand washing his even done, because you will not be able to be careful to be the people and bring in someone to cook, we are doing nicely just hand wash my own at least.
And, be careful in cooking at home, such as shellfish, will be heated sufficiently.
When the physical condition is not good, but it is said that old should not eat raw oysters and good and, in time of norovirus epidemic is also the hand that you do not eat raw shellfish.
Also, do not forget we also scald the plate also, knives cooked shellfish.

Then, by contact with an infected person, there are also many cases that they are contaminated.
This is what is often referred to as a contact infection.
Touched hands with norovirus, clothes, and things, their infection.
It does not mean that the infection just by touch, or inside of the mouth with a chance of something with the virus on your hands as a result, but I am no one from the nose or.
As described us, because norovirus is contagious virus is very strong, even if just a little bit of the virus enters the body, the symptoms he leaves infected immediately.
And there is also infected with the virus how to fly, it splashes infection.
I or infected patient that was vomiting, and diarrhea, the virus because it scattered and toilet, but it is inhaled into the body for some reason.
I think of children, such as vomiting, especially if the parent process, how to handle it is not correct, you going to infect me who put away.