Part 6 of norovirus disinfection

If the toilet is on the first floor, and located on the second floor in your home, such as, if there is more than one, you are a good idea to decide that the patient uses for norovirus dedicated one.
But is not it difficult to bath.
Although there are among us, there are two bath two-family if you were, it would be difficult at your house of the ordinary.
So, the bathing of an infected person, you'll be able to prefer to avoid until the cure is to prevent the infection of the family.
After bathing, bathing when unavoidable, disinfection wash tubs and around soon.
In this case, sodium hypochlorite 200ppm would be good.
Alone with a shower, carefully cleaning the same way, disinfection is carried out.

Useful antiseptic solution has been introduced, because it is often dangerous and mix, and let us not to use in conjunction with other drugs.
Also, since you have put in plastic bottles, such as infants do not put water in the mouth by mistake, we will pay attention to the storage location.
When you say "antiseptic solution" big plastic bottle, the elderly and other people I do not drink mistaken.
Month, but if you have a sturdy cap, then weakened because bactericidal effect against norovirus, disinfectant made, please also re-create a new, one month after.
Then, these sodium hypochlorite, a strong stimulus to the skin, and can be used with bare hands, directly, please be careful not to touch the hand.
I think to be a daily norovirus patient to heal, these processes will continue, or into the mouth, liquid disinfectant, so that you do not entered the eye during the process, please be careful when handling.