Diagnosis of norovirus

During the winter months, but norovirus is waving its fury, have you ever infected you?
Also, is there are families that have been infected?
Especially your child vomiting, repeated diarrhea, but it is really poor would no longer seem to eat anything.
Also, if you develop as a group at school or kindergarten, it can sometimes be a closed class, as well as influenza, I'm sick enough to want to be careful in the winter.
And, in the worst case, in the case of the elderly, since in some cases the symptoms become more and more evil, death, rather than just infection, norovirus It is a dreadful disease.
In general, as a symptom, they have diarrhea or vomiting in winter, norovirus infection is suspected.
But even if there is vomiting and diarrhea, whether you are infected with norovirus, or not there, I can not even look at only specific symptoms, I can not even diagnose.
To diagnose whether norovirus, we will do the test by using a patient's stool or vomit.
And I can not pathogenic viruses such, so small, find in an ordinary microscope.
Sometimes, nor you have to use an electron microscope, such as seen in the TV news, find out from the virus grown crow round and thin case.
Then, by using the enzyme, the reaction of the virus, as a diagnostic method, there is also a screening test to determine.
Although this is a quick way, in order to determine as it requires a large amount of virus, it is a way that can not be used if you can not be ingested only a small amount of virus from such flights.