Method 3 of norovirus infection

By incorrect handling of vomiting and diarrhea, schools and hospitals, or facilities for the elderly, the outbreak seems to have happened.
The characteristics of norovirus, patients develop an infection even if the first oral, then, is that the contact infection spread rapidly, with splashes infection.
If the force and momentum that infection, because people have increased to develop an infection came out I do not have to deal neatly around.

Again, let's stop the infection, it would be important is hand washing.
Although hand washing is recommended by the method of prevention of various diseases, hand washing is effective even norovirus.
For example, before the meal is of course, also, wash your hands well after using the toilet as well, as well as after before cooking, and the treatment of vomiting, please do not forget to wash your hands.
It is hand-washing by water, using soap, try to wash your hands tightly so that there is no washing leave.
Also, please note that after washing, the towel can be passed around the family is, because it may be infected with the virus of the disease.
Should be avoided in the towel during toilet, the whole family is like that wipe your hands.

For adults, children as well as vomiting infected, some people do not cause diarrhea.
And adults of such symptoms, you may notice that he does not have an infection, they transferred to the children.
After that, in some cases, would bring the virus and the child is attending kindergarten, school, to facilities that become infected population.