Part 3 disinfection of norovirus

Sometimes I may norovirus is transferred to others simply by ordinary washing, they adhere to their virus while being addressed.
Clothing, fabric, and bedding is that every time the virus has been washed, so as not to scatter to the ambient, in the water, wash watching if you add detergent is basic.
It will not be without water spray wash gently so as to prevent, as well as the spray, let's not inhale by mouth.
Anyway, we shall be in the restroom washing quietly so as not to scatter the norovirus.
Pre-treatment is done, just in case, you can use the disinfectant 200ppm, and surrounding that location would keep the cleaning.
I then it's a good idea to clean your cleaner further.
Because there is if you still have norovirus in a place treated, and be careful, I do firmly and then hand-washing.

For more than one minute, which is finished washing under firmly, I will do the washing in hot water of 85 degrees.
If you can not use hot water, disinfectant solution was prepared earlier, plays an active part in the PET bottle.
Was diluted 5-fold, with sodium hypochlorite 200ppm, attempt to disinfect firmly.
When you have finished washing, I rinse thoroughly with running water.
After this, it is also good adobe heaven, so it is recommended to kill norovirus and actually use dried at high temperatures, the drier.
However, it must be careful at this time, I'm of the dryer exhaust.
When exhausted into the room, is no good because there is a possibility that the virus is spread in the room.