Part 1 Characteristics of norovirus

I think you are more disease-resistant?
Today, we found a decade before I did not like, is a new disease.
For example, a long time ago is a disease that has not been known even the name as well as hay fever.
And very often, we would now be norovirus, attention is being paid very, some people did not know is that before the name a little.
Since I began to grow cold, every day, that norovirus outbreaks during the winter, the damage that is being transmitted as well, such as news.
During the pandemic, especially people with small children, I think their kids do not get infected, and so I'm worried about.
Viral diseases, but there are many other, this norovirus is known by its power to infect from person to person is very strong.
In addition, although the news on television you know everyone, and facilities in the elderly, there is also the worst case of infection in the population, such as the death of any person is human.
So, we should be careful not only small children, elderly people have also, enough, you will have to be careful about norovirus measures some people working at the facility for the elderly.

So, I would have this norovirus, what features?
Can be traced back, in 1972, this virus is a form of the virus revealed by electron microscopy observation.
From the name of the town that has occurred, the first was called "small round virus" or "Norwalk virus".
In addition, sometimes referred to as "SRSV" for short.