Part 2 of norovirus disinfection

And 5-fold diluted disinfectant 1000ppm that had been made, because it is a finished product of the disinfectant solution of about 200ppm easy, remember, I will take advantage of.
Also referred to as sodium hypochlorite, is hard to know the name, as well as Haiter, so is generally Kabi-Killer.
Then, Domesuto of detergent and cleaning, as well as Milton is a baby's bottle disinfectant is sodium hypochlorite.
So, I'll keep in mind if you have these products, so you can substitute any.
We comes in very handy as a commercial antiseptic solution, as well as cookware, I can be widely used in the prevention of norovirus infection, ready-to-use, such as foam Haiter kitchen, so you can use directly without entering any dilution.

Well, antiseptic solution made thus helps to disinfect vomit what has gone attached.
Typical symptoms include norovirus, vomiting may be mentioned, when you vomit, there are cases where small children are not in time to the bathroom in particular.
Also, I think sometimes suddenly, such as vomiting and are in the living room.
Adults would go by yourself to the bathroom indeed, the case, such as infants, since it is vomiting does not matter where, it would be in many cases to adhere to the dress, to adhere to the futon, or stain the carpet .
In order to remove the virus and prevent secondary infection, for what I have attached these, we disinfect with a solution of sodium hypochlorite this.
Not just vomit, as well as underwear that had been contaminated with feces, etc., must be disinfected in the same way.