Continued diagnosis of norovirus

Although the cost of the detection of norovirus, it is a status quo several thousand yen, and they took the test even simple insurance does not apply.
And closer inspection, it takes tens of thousands of yen, is a test that I did not have to take to feel free, you do not want to check to pay such costs if you do not have.
So, even if there are symptoms of norovirus, the hospital is also the case that few bother to inspect, diagnose.
It will be called "probably norovirus" as viewed from the symptoms, I respond that is common.
You are like many people feel a doubt that when I went to the hospital, etc. Unlike influenza, not us to properly test for diagnosis.
But when will be diagnosed with norovirus exactly, and would not be diagnosed, the method of treatment for status quo because it is together, I do not have much people to a thorough examination.

Administrative work, and those who are working in the hospital, and staff of facilities for the elderly people to cook, the meals, the viral infection has become a very important issue.
It is that sometimes have been reported in the TV news, in some cases can have an infection in such facilities, it has become infected population.
So, unlike our patients in general, or are infected with a virus, or not there, the staff who work in these facilities will need to be inspected.
Because it is also the case that this test has not been properly, to those who are in the facility from cooking professionals, become infected population, must be especially careful.