Part 1 of norovirus treatment

If it takes the norovirus, attacked by severe diarrhea and vomiting, food you can no longer seems quite intake.
I eat anything back, so they immediately have diarrhea, would have been deprived of moisture from the body at all times.
There is a short period of time, a few days, I am quite many people, they can not be skinny by eating.
You might get in some people happy I also reduced body weight, and then try retracted belly, "and became a good diet", I do not even lose weight morbidly fascinating.
Stomach at the same time as rededing, I would no longer have many cases that chest.
There are some people who think positively in the body becomes detox diarrhea continues, physical fitness is really lost diarrhea, vomiting continues, they limp by yourself.
And is not it also mentally tough family to take care of paying careful attention to the infection.
Moreover, it turns out that we will not be the case because there are people who become infected with the whole family, to take care, laid up with everyone.

Well, it is the talk of norovirus infection force this strong, if infected, what's going on How is treatment.
There are currently no drugs that defeat the norovirus.
This is normal and virus, but there is something kind of anti-viral agents, there are no cases of norovirus.
Flu also, but there is a neat drug, it is not present in the norovirus.
It would be disappointed people infected person knew of this fact.