Part 5 of norovirus disinfection

Cookware used in the handling of bivalves, such as the sink, flush with running water for about three times.
Then, also, from the detergent wash, I rinse with running water.
In addition, or in hot water disinfection, antiseptic solution of 200ppm, every attempt to put more than 10 minutes to sodium hypochlorite.
In this way, the best, to kill norovirus, hot water disinfection is a sure way.
And it is something that rinse with running water.
Also, in addition to heating, to wash, and a combination of antiseptic solution, it would be peace of mind.
Haiter commercially available foam kitchen is so easy as it is by the way may be subjected to cookware.
And, tableware patients norovirus was used, because it requires disinfection, it is ideal if you can, such as paper plates and disposable.
Just finished eating, when you use a normal, we're trying to get up immersed in sodium hypochlorite solution 200ppm.
After then, the family had finished washing the dishes, the best, I shed at the end.
If there is to be processed at a high temperature dryer, use it, let's kill norovirus.
If you do not have a dryer, I would be a good idea through a hot water scald.
Then, use the more than 70 percent ethanol, etc., wipe about three times, when the patient was in the living room of norovirus, perform disinfection.
The hot iron, such as bed sheets and will also be disinfected in the floor and a steam.
I am over 90 degrees is ideal.
Norovirus patient and family would come to, you will also need to be devised to limited locations as much as possible the use of co-location.