Part 3 features of norovirus

Norovirus is also cited as a major feature that, for disinfectants, resistance is strong.
If you were pathogens such as viruses, is prone to overconfidence and fine if you have disinfection, by a virus, the virus is also present that are resistant to the disinfectant solution.
Huh this is a surprise.
It is also a feature of norovirus, because there is no membrane of the host cell, alcohol, and high temperature, resistance to disinfection is strong.
It may be destroyed by the ethanol, which is in a double membrane, the cell membrane is not there norovirus.
So, it is not to say that peace of mind and if it is disinfected, you are doing more than one is also important, with a combination of measures.
And there is also resistant to drying and acid, long time, because the virus can survive in water, I am very difficult to fight off anyway.
Is not it also convinced that the force is strong infection, because there is also a variety resistant to disinfection, but all the rage.
Infectivity and say how strong or even small pieces of virus only 10, so there seems to be a case of developing, it comes to risk even a small amount of the virus.
In addition, as a feature of the growth of norovirus, grows only in the human intestinal tract.
And, as a feature of norovirus, because there is a different form of a gene, may be once, even in people infected with norovirus infected in the past, it is not.
Also, since it can be infected with noroviruses of various types at the same time, I would say that this is also a feature.