Part 4 disinfection of norovirus

If you are dealing with dirty clothes norovirus patients, only in that we can out of the exhaust of the dryer, use the dryer.
To direct, do not touch, such as vomit, when the treatment will be and disposable rubber gloves.

Norovirus, because it contains a significant amount of dirt in the vomiting and diarrhea, disinfection of these at home is also important in order not to spread the infection.
Every year, since it may be required to be addressed in such a cold season, and how to make the disinfectant solution, the method of disinfection is better to remember that it is good.
Then, the processing of such contaminants, adults who have the power to carry out the resistance.
Easy to be infected, the elderly and small children, so many cases in which severe infected, Please do not participate in such treatment.
Also, from where you are working, infants and the elderly, I want to be at a distance.

And, speaking of disinfection of norovirus, also, I need to kill the virus ingredients, some of this you should also process such as heating appliances used for cooking.
Such as clams, which is considered the cause of the norovirus, received from the heating firm.
The center of shell, 85 degrees or more, it is said that as a basis, the temperature of the heating time is more than one minute.
In the case of food without eating fresh vegetables and fruits, the heat treatment may be norovirus is attached in a path which has been already distributed.
The food you eat without heating, will prevent infection by a wash with running water tight anyway.