Part 4 norovirus and shellfish

I think I feel while the norovirus is prevalent, people who eat raw, such as sushi, and not decreasing at all and I am not the only one.
First of all, Japanese sushi is a race I love, and now cheaper to eat sushi sushi has increased, the popularity of sushi is only increasing.
Speaking of sushi, raw shellfish variety comes out as fodder.
Among them, I think, the raw scallop It is sweet and very tasty, pretty, scallop sushi and you also have the opportunity to enjoy.
And I think there are many people who are anxious, speaking of scallops, but it is one of the bivalve may have norovirus.
Moreover, I think even during the winter, as usual, I have been out live much in the sushi bar, and many people are served.
Have you there, everyone was anxious, "scallops? Is it all right," and?

In fact, to say bivalve is being contaminated with the virus, according to which part of the shellfish you eat, it's become a crossroads whether to infection.
Norovirus, which are stored in oysters contaminated Indeed, where it is stored only visceral.
If the oysters, because we often eat whole, of course, I have also included the viscera in it, the viscera that virus is being condensed unfortunately.
And say if the scallops, where we are and what to eat, there are whole, some cases eat baked in shell, in the case of sashimi and sushi, the part you eat, but it is part of the adductor muscle.