Part 1 disinfection of norovirus

Everyone, Do you have the right knowledge about the disinfection of norovirus.
Every day, as been told in the news, from the strength of its infection, norovirus is raging in the winter.
In and facilities the school, and has been done and how to address disinfection method is wrong, because it may cause an outbreak of norovirus, a person with a group living should take care more about the anti-virus award.
Also, the staff and his friends to engage in such a facility, and you do not disinfect the virus in the right way, it can also cause secondary infections.
In common virus, norovirus is because it seems to have a particularly resistant to disinfection, who was carried out carefully than normal anti-virus it is a good idea.
First, we will introduce how to use the sodium hypochlorite are sold in general, to disinfect the virus.
Such disinfection of bacteria, but there is an image that carried out in ethanol, so enough to use in the household, such as Haiter, please try to take advantage of.
Typically, sodium hypochlorite in such Haiter bactericidal effect, the concentration is about 5% and.
When used as a disinfectant solution diluted with your home, it would be convenient to use a 500 ml PET bottle.
If you put on the lid of the plastic bottle, such as a stock solution Haiter, because it becomes about 5 ml, put two cups stock solution to cover the rest, I put the water.
By doing this, you can easily liquid sodium hypochlorite for disinfection of about 1000ppm.