Part 3 of norovirus treatment

Is often not just a cold, even though the viral infection, seen as a kind of cold.
Go out much heat, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea come out so it looks like a couple of days, you may wind up being put away in the "cold" if mild symptoms.
However, if symptoms are pretty bad and I should go to the hospital.
Because there is often in exhaustion and dehydration, small children and the elderly are at risk of life, we shall be consulted as soon as possible.

Since there are no effective drugs even went to the hospital, there are also many people who use the state while the treatment at home.
If mild symptoms also seemed to be an adult with physical strength, you may also be placed in alternative medicine in the commercial, is absent.
For example, if you're looking over-the-counter drugs, such as it is famous as Seirogan stomach medicine for a long time.
Was much always have a stock at home, I have a child, but it is very drugs that are known in the stomach medicine, there is also a history.
In addition, since the new drugs also appear that Seirogan sugarcoating, the smell of old-fashioned Seirogan those who hate it, try also.
The characteristics of Seirogan, she'll return to normal movement of the bowel, as it will also adjust the amount of water is effective diarrhea and dehydration.
Because it is not diarrhea, because it will not be like you have a virus reservoir in the intestinal tract, you can be taken safely in norovirus.
Because some people will go to the hospital that is hard to impossible, it is a good idea that you take nutrition and moisture tight, rest at home until no symptoms of norovirus.